After Sunset

Before Sunset

Thinking today about the irony that it is snowing here and New York is presently struck by global warming.

I noticed it through an aged mirror on a building across the street; it reminded me vaguely of the Coney Island roller coaster and the black image on the shopping bag from the store in Taksim. There is a never-ending monstrosity growing of steel arms both straight and curved expanding over the urban terrain and filling the Islamic sky causing the landscape to constantly shift as new appendages are built each day.

In the long corridor of the mosque, which was void of other visitors, to the left I saw a peculiar arched door which was glowing green. Up an old carved stone step with wood stair railings on each side. Yves Klein Blue was emanating up from a grating in the floor and filled the room mixing with the old construction - space was small maybe 12 feet by 12 feet at most. Looking to the left there was a staircase down leading to a long empty hall and there was something in front of me leading to an old stone staircase up, vaguely visible through holes in the wall. The eerie sound coming from the grate and its reverberations suspended further thoughts of exploration.