Architectural Opportunism in Middle East

I was walking along the alley where all the gold is sold and came along the place where I photographed an old structure and posted it 3 months ago. The speed of new construction here in the Middle East amazes me. Next time I pass the building will be complete.

February 15, 2007

November 17, 2006

Bathhouse with small domes on the ceiling which transfer rays of light to the main space constituted of a central fountain and elevated chambers for resting.

The amphibian landscape

[...] "but they have a body which is of a kind of intermediate nature between all these, of an arid substance, softer than muscle, and in other respects of a nature that may, in strictness, be rather pronounced yielding, than hard. Such, then, is all that they are, and nothing more: in the inside of their bodies there is nothing, except in some few, which have an intestine arranged in folds. Hence it is, that even when cut asunder, they are remarkable for their tenacity of life, and the palpitations which are to be seen in each of their parts." (Pliny, the Elder)